New Way To View Verified Users’ Tweets: Filtering Out Their Replies

In a move that will likely disappoint narcissists, Twitter has come up with a cool new offering that we hope will soon apply to every Twitter account: the ability to filter out replies when viewing a user’s Twitter stream.

For now, this will only work for verified users, unfortunately. But it’s a start!

Twitter’s blog post earlier today shared this exciting news:

When you visit a Twitter user’s profile, you may want to see his or her original Tweets rather than their conversations. . . . [so now] when you visit the profiles of verified accounts, such as @bubbawatson, @NASCAR or @Pepsi, by default you will see their timeline of Tweets without replies: that is, you won’t see Tweets that begin with an @username.

Why is this exciting? Well if you need to ask then you’ve never popped on to an active user’s account to see what they’ve been tweeting about recently only to feel buried by @replies they’re sending to followers. It can be frustrating. And can feel a bit intrusive, if one is paranoid about such things.

But, no more!

Though don’t worry if you like reading folks’ back and forth exchanges with followers – you still can by selecting “All” above the timeline on the person’s profile page.

Twitter is rolling this feature out to verified accounts over the next few weeks, so you may not see it on your favorite verified account holder’s page right away.

Do you think you’ll get a lot of use out of this new offering? And wouldn’t it be nice to see this feature on everyone’s account? Or is this possibly the beginning of Twitter rolling out “premium accounts?

(New image from Shutterstock)