Filter the MSM’s Tweets By Beat with Muck Rack

Sawhorse Media’s Muck Rack added a “beats” tab today, to beef up functionality of its aggregation of Twittering journalists. With beats plus Tweets, Links, Sources, and Pictures, its easy to get a quick picture of 4th Estate zeitgeist.

Like Cision’s JournalistTweets, Muck Rack is really a feed & filter of what the MSM is doing, though they are mirror images of each other. Cision benefits from sample size, pulling Twitter handles from its massive database, while Muck Rack has a small sample and much stronger filtering tools.

Muck Rack should grow quickly as they manually adds handles and receives submissions from anyone who wants to send them, PR people included. According to Sawhorse founder Gregory Galant, over a thousand journalists have asked to be added.

Sawhorse does the same thing for twittering celebrities, VCs, designers, musicians, and…pets, because we all need to know what @sockington is doing this very moment.