You Can Now Filter Mentions On Twitter (If You Have A Verified Profile)

Many users (ahem) have been pushing for filters on Twitter since way back, as they’d be a really useful way to find signal amongst what, let’s face it, can be an awful amount of noise amongst all those tweets, especially during busy periods.

Good news! As of yesterday, Twitter has started rolling out filters in mentions. The catch? This is another feature only for verified accounts. You know, Twitter’s rich and famous.

The Twitter Blog has all the news:

We’ll be rolling out the ability for verified users to go to their Connect tab on the web and toggle between mentions in three categories: all, filtered and verified. Selecting “Filtered” will show mentions based on an algorithm we use to filter out spam, and choosing “Verified” means they’ll only see mentions from other verified accounts.

I’ve tested this with a verified brand account and the filters are already in place and work really well. I can see the brand using these a lot, particularly during promotions and other events that attract a lot of noise and spam.

A shame, then, that Twitter didn’t think to afford this same feature to regular folk, too. Maybe next time.

(Source: Twitter Blog.)