Filming The Glass House’s Inaugural Gala Picnic


Since we’ve sorta started this morning on a film-focused note, let’s keep it going. We heard from more than one reader over the past little while that The Glass House is still continuing to keep things moving right along with their launch of three new films, all under the banner of “Glass House Openings.” In each, director Rafael Esquer took a camera around during their 2007 Inaugural Gala Picnic, right before the famous house was being opened to the public for tours. And it’s a veritable who’s who of guests being interviewed. You have a handful of Pentagramians, there’s Paul Goldberger, the New Yorker‘s architectural critic, and Eames Demetrios, and, well, you get the point: a star studded event, with lots of interesting memories of the place being shared. What’s more, the films are really nicely packaged together to boot. So go forth and enjoy the celebrity and the scenery.