Film Threat’s Frigid 50 Leaves FBLA Chilly


Film Threat has compiled a list of Hollywood types with box-office b.o. and Mel Gibson is at the tippy-top. The Frigid 50: The Coldest People in Hollywood exists to counter all the year-end Power Lists. From the site:

Unlike those other lists aimed at browning the most nose, the Frigid 50 is a written declaration of who or what in Hollywood needs a reality check, detailing the least-powerful, least-inspiring, least-intriguing people in all of Tinseltown.

Besides Mel, there’s a whole round-up of gossip column staples: Tara Reid, Lindsay Lohan, LG15, TomKat, etc..

But if Borat (#3)isn’t very intriguing, why are all those people going to see him?