UC Prof Dumps All Over USC, UCLA Film Schools

Down Under, in the pages of newspaper The Australian, University of California at Riverside professor Toby Miller has shared a damning and funny inculcation of USC, UCLA and other top U.S. film schools.

The chair of a Department of Media and Cultural Studies study-abroad program suggests life is not glamorous for many of those who graduate these days from a top film school. Some, he writes, wind up working the B-side of social media causes at Hollywood talent agencies; others may toil for one of YouTube’s 100 new channels. Or, worse:

A colleague from one of the top schools often bumps into alumni. All goes well until he asks what they’re up to. “Oh, I’m working,” they say. No further details are divulged.

Why? They’re making porn movies in the San Fernando Valley for online, cable and satellite consumption. They don’t use their own names. They are unhappy. But it’s helping pay off student loans…

Miller also shares a funny story about the time he was a chauffeur stationed outside an AMPAS event. Read his full take here.

[Photo of Miller courtesy: UC Riverside]