FiLIP: A Mobile Device for Roaming Toddlers

We’ve literally seen it all – apps for taking selfies of babies, and now, this wrist wearable for four-year-olds. It’s called the FiLIP, and for $200, you can track and call your mini-humans with your made-for-adults smartphones.

The FiLIP is like a wearable walkie-talkie. The simple two-button, waterproof watch allows the small user to call only the numbers parents set up using the made-for-adult app on a smartphone. Parents can also use the app to call the child or send texts that contain 24 characters or less. The app also lets parents track children for up to 48 hours, so long as the device is still on the child.

There is potentially one nice feature – a panic button. Your little one can hit the panic button which will call an operator, not 911. The operator will call every number on the authorized contact list on your FiLIP device.