Filing Some Capital Gossip

The brains behind Capitol File, playboy publisher Jason Binn, should give his P.R. firm a big bonus: He somehow managed to get a completely gratuitous write-up of his fab-u-losity in Newsweek this week as part of an article on how he’ll jump-start the Washington gossip industry.

In the all-around strange article, Newsweek’s Jonathan Darman sums up the patheticness of our daily existence (“Today’s Washington gossip industry is almost nonexistent.”) and goes on to explain the well-trod ground of how the Post struggles to cover gossip and there’s not much else out there.

While there’s lots to mock in the article, you should focus your mockery on this sentence: “Binn seemed star-struck last weekend as he prepared for the [White House correspondents] dinner. ‘James Carville, Alma Powell,’ he marveled. ‘These are real celebrities.'” Dude, even in D.C., we have people more famous than Alma Powell and James Carville. (As we said on Monday, Binn worked Saturday’s prom crowd like a presidential candidate at an Iowa chicken supper.)

In the end it’s up to social fixture Carol Joynt to come to the city’s defense: “Sex, drugs and rock and roll. Even in Washington, these things exist.”

Yes, Virginia, there is gossip in the nation’s capital.