File Sharing Site Rolls Out its New Site Interface, and Some Features Too, a used to be simple and private online file sharing solution is now the web’s most convenient way of privately sharing images, video, audio, documents and other digital content. The popular file sharing site has just redesigned its website and is now simpler and easy to use.

Before we discuss the new features of, it would be wise to review what the site/service is all about. Like we said, is an online file sharing site and as such allows you to create drops and privately share your files via the web, email, phone, fax and other forms of communications. Additionally, these drops or files are not being crawled by search engines. So, you are pretty much sure that the file you are sharing won’t fall into the wrong hands, or site for this matter.

Now, it’s time to focus on the features which was just announced by First of these new features is the completely overhauled interface. This new interface was developed to give users’ satisfying file sharing experience, to improve its functionality and to make let you share what you want, how you want, and with who you want. The new interface is in addition to existing customization features which allow appearance of drop for personalization using custom logos, background patterns and rich formated text.

Another new feature of which was recently introduced is Location which is a location-based sharing and publishing platform which let you assign digital content in a drop with a physical real-word location. You can then locate and access available drop through’s integrated map controls. Hence, theoretically, links the physical world with the digital world. also recently introduced a Facebook application dubbed “Files”. This Facebook application enables you to control photo, video, audio files and documents with friends and family.

And finally, has also recently released a Firefox 3 add-on which allows you to quickly create new drops and upload assets using drag-and-drop into a browsers.