File Arrives (?) In Style

capfilecover.pngToday’s the big day for which all of Washington has been waiting these many months: The premiere of Capitol File, the latest baby of celebrity publisher Jason Binn.

Fishbowl and an intrepid colleague started out early this morning to find copies. We hit up lux hotels, newsstands, and bookstores. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it’s on the newsstands yet, so we have to rely on the previews others have written up. At one newsstand, the clerk happily pointed us to D.C. Style, and at one hotel downtown today the clerk sniffed that he’d never heard of it.

Paul Bedard‘s Washington Whispers has a first look at the inaugural issue of DC’s newest high-society magazine.

At 346 pages, it probably weighs more than Binn’s other new baby and–in classic Binn style–includes a piece by just about famous A-Lister who might read the magazine (we can only assume that those who didn’t put pen to paper for this issue have their pictures scattered about the pages).

John Podesta offers a piece (and recipes!); Madeleine Albright discusses how female fashion and diplomacy don’t mix; Hilary Rosen delineates the nuances of sexual preference behind the enemy lines of Washington’s partisan wars; partners (but not in the Rosen-sense) and powerhouse lobbyists on opposite side of the political fence, Jack Quinn and Ed Gillespie, go head-to-head in a “He Said, He Said”; Larry King talks baseball while Wolf Blitzer talks about the Wizards. Also in the first issue, Septime Webre steps up with the best D.C. venues for dancing and Ali Wentworth on returning to her hometown as Mrs. George Stephanopoulos.

The Examiner and the Post both mention the File arrival, although the Examiner–which has a partnership with File for a jointly-branded calendar–inexplicably fails to mention any of the other new luxury publications, instead turning to mag Virginia Living for a “What It All Means” quote (The Examiner’s article isn’t online).

The Post, in addition to mentioning the other mags, also has the nugget that DC magazine, the third 2005 entry to the lux pub market will be out on Monday. The CIA could learn a thing or two from DC, which we’re also very excited to see. The talented team at DC has managed to pull off a near-entirely covert magazine launch, sans the massive publicity and endless launch parties of Binn’s media machine.

Without a copy of either in hand, though, we’ll just keeping waiting for luxury to arrive in Washington….