FIFA World Cup Unveils Second-Screen Digital Push

Mobile, social top priorities for soccer fans

Soccer fans tuning into the upcoming FIFA World Cup will have no shortage of digital platforms on which to chat, thanks to several new efforts on the part of the sports organization.

FIFA has updated its website to include a new section called Global Stadium that aggregates all of the content surrounding the 64 matches in real time and is designed specifically for smartphone-wielding fans.

The social and mobile-heavy experience also gives fans a chance to win the soccer ball used in Brazil and vote for Man of the Match, a contest that asks sports fans to vote for their favorite players. World Cup sponsor Budweiser is also making an interesting social play to spur Man of the Match participation via Twitter Cards.

The site is designed to tie in with Twitter and Facebook efforts that FIFA has worked to build up before the games. FIFA’s Facebook page boasts 18 million “likes” and the organization’s Twitter account for the event has racked up more than 860,000 followers.

Twitter specifically will play a key role in how FIFA communicates with fans in real-time during the matches, using the #WorldCup and #JoinIn hashtags.

Given the amount of real-time chatter that typically takes place during sports events, brands will undoubtedly jump into the conversations happening via these hashtags in the same way that they have for March Madness and the Super Bowl.