Fiete is Recommended Children’s App of the Week

Fiete is today’s Recommended Children’s App of the Week. This interactive storybook for toddlers encourages young readers to accomplish tasks such as buttering sandwiches, mounting tires and loading ships.

Developer Wolfgang Schmitz created the $2.99 app for his own children and includes no in-app purchases or advertising. Here is more about it from iTunes:

We see “Fiete” as an alternative to the interactive children’s book: In a playful way, with attention to detail and design competence is the motor skills and the ability to combine the small encouraged. The game does not have any written instructions, making it suitable for children of all ages. Together with their parents, children learn to help “Fiete” in his everyday life. A total of fifteen tasks is waiting to be discovered by them. Sounds and animations are used to encourage and motivate the little ones.

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