FierceWireless: Helio to go Bust in 2008

heliomysto.jpgWe’ve been saying this for months, but apparently we’re not the only ones. Mobile industry newsletter FierceWireless says that SK Telecom and Earthlink will finally throw in the towel and scrap Helio:

“Although both firms have repeatedly reiterated their commitment to the mobile virtual network operator, in 2008 they are going to see the light.”

Helio has attracted only 130,000 subscribers as of August 2007. Now that you can get all the mobile media content you want from virtually any other carrier, on dozens of today’s latest phones, there’s no real reason to shackle yourself to a tiny MVNO that is essentially Sprint with a smattering of moderately interesting exclusive phones at higher monthly prices.

Helio will go bust — 2008 Predictions [FierceWireless]