Field-Tested, Steve Delahoyde-Approved: Coudal Partners Celebrates Book of Books

bookhero2.jpgThe creative wizards at Coudal Partners are celebrating the publication of Field-Tested Books, a collection of essays about site-specific experiences with books: “how our perception of a book is affected by the place where we read it. Or maybe the other way around.” (Like reading Lolita in Tehran or better yet, reading Reading Lolita in Tehran in Tehran.) Helming the globe-spanning book project was our own Steve Delahoyde [crowd erupts in cheers], and we so wanted to make extraspecial sure to alert you to a couple of Field-Tested Books book events taking place in Chicago (Coudal country) and New York City. Tomorrow evening in the Windy City, the Coudal gang is holding a reading at Fulton Lounge, which we have been assured is “impossibly cool,” and next Monday, July 28, they’re hitting Manhattan for a reading on the rooftop of The Delancey. Go here to get a taste of the adventures (literary and otherwise) that await you, including contributions by design-savvy Field Testers such as Design Matters hostess with the mostess Debbie Millman, UnBeige editor emeritus Alissa Walker, Michael Surtees of DesignNotes, and our favorite Galleycat, Ron Hogan.