Fictionwise eReader App Has Been Pulled From iTunes

If you’re still using the old Fictionwise eReader app on your iPad or iPhone, you might want to make a backup. An iPad owner has reported that the app has mysteriously disappeared from iTunes.

Last night MobileRead member Beryl was having trouble with the app crashing, so this reader did what most of us would have tried: delete the app and re-install it. Unfortunately, this tried and true troubleshooting tip failed this time around when the app wasn’t there to be installed. The app also isn’t showing up in a search nor did Google find the app. Fictionwise has been queried about the app, but no response is expected.

eReader was one of the early pioneers in the eBook market, but they fell on hard times as they were passed from one uncaring owner to another before finally being bought by Fictionwise in 2008. Fictionwise was itself bought by Barnes & Noble in 2009. Since then B&N has been slowly killing off Fictionwise, piece by piece. It looks like the old eReader format will be the next to go.

via MobileRead