Miracle Jones Puzzles Literary Agent & Self-Publishes

After getting a rejection notice from a very puzzled literary agent, author Miracle Jones decided to self-publish his new book Sharing on Smashwords. According to Jones, the book is the first in a series of seven.

Jones posted his rejection note on a message thread on Reddit.com. Here is an excerpt: “To cut right to the chase, this is quite literally like nothing I’ve ever read before, both for better and for worse. Which is to say, it was a refreshing change from the predictable stuff that usually comes across my desk. But it’s also just not really my kind of book. I don’t think it even is a ‘kind’ of book (or if it is, I’ve never read those kinds of books). I admire your talent and most of all your imagination, but I quite literally have no idea who would publish this. Which is not to say someone won’t—only that it’s far enough outside of the kind of fiction I tend to represent that I wouldn’t know what to do with it.”

What could this agent be talking about? Well here is the book’s description from the Smashwords listing: “After being abducted from a home for at-risk youth in the middle of the night by a twisted, murderous creature called an Indrik, a young girl named Charlotte with a talent for survival is taken (along with five other children) to an empty desert where it never becomes night and all the sand flows like water into a bottomless hole in the ground.” The book has five stars from SmashWords users and is available for only $4.