FFholic is your Friendfeed on the Rocks

Recently, some Friendfeed fanatics launched a new tool which lets you find out about the latest buzz on Friendfeed land – dubbed FFholic. Yes, dear readers it’s like FFholic on the rocks as the site would say about itself. FFholic is a simple tool for Friendfeed users like you and me. And it does a pretty simple task – tell us the latest buzz in the whole of the Friendfeed universe.FFholic lets you search through various things in Friendfeed. Be it

  • the “most liked entries and vides”
  • “most commented entries and videos”
  • “most popular users”
In addition to just giving you a list of names, FFholic also gives insights to popular trends. Somehow it can serve as an online database of the Friendfeed users and entries they posts.
As Alana Taylor of Mashable noted, FFholic is like Twitterholic applied in Friendfeed. And we couldn’t agree more. Having used Twitterholic before, we also noticed the resemblance of Twitterholic’s system to that FFholic.

Lastly, as the site is currently in beta, expect to encounter some more flaws and bugs and even it’s look is not something to brag about. But given the growing popularity of FriendFeed, if FFholic manages to improve on its tool, there’s no doubt that it will someday gain the same popularity as what Friendfeed is enjoying right now.

Yes, someday FFholic, your Friendfeed on the rocks would definitely rock.