Few Big Names, But a Kitty With Growth Potential This Week in Our Top 20 Emerging Facebook Games List

Facebook is quite the melting pot in this week’s list of top emerging games that still have less than a million users. Speak a foreign language? You’re covered. Religious? Check. Prefer violence? Just check out MMA Pro Fighter from Digital Chocolate. If there’s one thing that’s not well-represented, overall, it’s new games from major developers.

As always, the list is from AppData, and we run another post on InsideFacebook to talk about the non-game applications. Take a look:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. 開心寶貝708,918+281,729+39.74
2. Temple of Mahjong 2374,338+128,089+34.22
3. Sanalika214,568+125,929+58.69
4. Blessings†133,408+118,404+88.75
5. Oyun175,425+115,549+65.87
6. Spot The Difference422,603+109,866+26.00
7. Band of Heroes742,508+98,763+13.30
8. Doorbell980,468+90,286+9.21
9. Ninja Warz740,870+73,772+9.96
10. Hello Kitty Online : The Introduction105,118+73,724+70.13
11. The True Age Test512,931+71,985+14.03
12. 開心花園504,812+70,016+13.87
13. Warstorm481,925+67,776+14.06
14. MMA Pro Fighter145,210+62,865+43.29
15. 歡樂癲地 Funland677,717+58,166+8.58
16. Friend Block960,356+55,500+5.78
17. Frosmo260,123+51,303+19.72
18. My Fishbowl423,046+50,545+11.95
19. Xx..Me 2 u bears..xX234,327+49,961+21.32
20. MiniPlanet252,723+48,240+19.09

One possible reason that there are relatively fewer big developers represented than usual is that the top four games from last week have all passed a million MAU, and thus moved off the chart. In order, they were: Garden World, Wild Ones, Three Kingdoms Online and My Town. Note that the newbie company behind that last, Broken Bulb Studios, also has Ninja Warz coming up at number nine this week.

Number five last week, 開心寶貝 smoothly moved up to become the top game; along with 開心花園 and 歡樂癲地 Funland, it makes up a trio of Chinese-language games. 開心寶貝 (number one, in case you’re having trouble following) is still growing strongly and will soon graduate off the list to join the small, but growing pool of Chinese-language apps with several million users. Incidentally, Temple of Mahjong 2, while in a language we can understand, is also Chinese-derived and growing quite quickly; it now appears to be the largest Mahjong game app on Facebook

Three and five, Sanalika and Oyun, are both in Turkish — perhaps evidence of yet another foreign language trend. In between them is sandwiched Blessings† a semi-religious “poke” app that probably shouldn’t be in the games category.

One more game to take note of is Hello Kitty Online : The Introduction. Yes, it’s an official Sanrio product, and yes, there is an incredible amount of pink involved in it. Sanrio is a bit late to Facebook, having introduced a Hello Kitty game to the iPhone last year. But judging from the name of the game, they intend to catch up on lost time.