Fetchnotes App: Lightweight Note-Taking with Better Sharing and Archive Features

Fetchnote is a lightweight, social note-taking app for those who likes to use hashtags and @mentions. Since its launch in January, Fetchnotes has been busy with Evernote integration, adding 25GB of storage for users, and even obtaining plenty of financial help from investors. Now, the cloud-based productivity app is releasing a brand new redesign along with better sharing and archive options for iPhone users – check out these new features:

Push notifications when someone shares with you

Address book integration to share with non-users

Swipe to archive notes you don’t want in your main feed

End to end redesign

Fetchnotes allows people to organize and share their notes with the same conventions popular on social networks like Facebook and Twitter — hashtags organize and @mentions send them to other people. Since you choose the tags as you type, everyone’s experience is personalized to the way their brain naturally organizes information. Unlike texting or email, you can also organize communication to others before they even see it.

The new sharing feature allows users to share a complete ‘Fetchnote’, which includes relevant links and images, based on word recognition:


In a great post on Medium, Fetchnote’s founder Alex Schiff laments on the state of note taking apps, saying:

We’re human after all — we take shortcuts, develop bad habits, and make excuses. That’s why people still email themselves and use the yellow iPhone Notes app, despite the fact that they know it’s going to be a disorganized mess later. Minimizing cognitive friction is critical because the note you take is infinitely more valuable than the note you never take. Input is the top of the funnel.

If you’re one of those yellow-iPhone note takers, Fetchnotes is an easy option that requires little input for much better features.  Did I mention it’s free?