Festival of Books – The Audio Books Panel


We have to admit that we’re more ‘podcast’ than ‘books on tape’ type of people – but this panel was interesting. And uhm – Jackie Collins was there. And uhm – she’s interesting. Also on the panel was Kevin J. Anderson who wrote among others the Dune series, velvety-voiced narrator Scott Brick and audio book producer Dennis Kao. It was moderated by Bridget Kinsella.

Kinsella started out by saying Janet Finch told her that audio books are loved because when we grow up no one reads to us anymore. The entire room nodded to concur.

Jackie Collins who will sometimes narrate her own books said that she has edited during recording sessions. “I write rather racy books. When I write it – it sounds ok but not when I say it.” She explained.

Then Collins and Brick confessed to wrapping pillows around their mid-sections to cut down on dreaded studio stomach noises. A visual that google images wasn’t forthcoming about.

During the Q&A a woman asked who were the panelists favorite narrators. Anderson admitted that it was the man sitting to his right, Scott Brick. Collins noted Sydney Tamiia Poitier as a talented narrator. And Kao said that he liked Lou Diamond Phillips and,”Anyone British.”

Someone must have never heard Posh Spice‘s teeth-shattering cockney squall…Lucky.