Ferrari mechanic tunes his Facebook presence for lead gen

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Owning a Ferrari is not the same thing as liking Ferrari on Facebook. Rob Schermerhorn tunes Ferraris for a living.

As you can see, 51% of Ferrari’s Facebook fans are kids. So to hit real Ferrari owners, Rob targeted members of the Sports Car Club of America, those who participate in the FerrariChat forum (where owners hang out), and similar interests.

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In fact, he set up multiple ads to target the Ferrari community, ensuring his message gets into their News Feeds.
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His targeting is so precise that he gets between 5 and 9% CTR on his ads, which is nearly 50 times the average on Facebook.

Of course, interesting content helps.

And he is organizing his campaigns into audience (to drive fans/awareness), engagement (more likes/comments/share) and conversion (inquiries and leads).

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It’s costing him just over $20 a day to make sure the right people, not kids who like Ferrari, are seeing his regular posts to Facebook.

And the on-going exposure to Rob’s tips, interesting content, and expertise generates leads such as this.


But not anyone can just set up these ads and expect the same result. They must also:
  • Have industry authority, which carries over into Facebook. Rob has been doing this for two decades and is well-known among Ferrari owners as THE guy to squeeze more performance from their vehicles.
  • Be willing to post once per day — this is not a set it and forget it strategy. You must keep it up, since word of mouth takes time to build momentum.
  • Genuinely care about sharing information freely — it’s this irony that actually drives leads. By tending to his community (watering his garden, to use a different analogy), he reaps long-term benefits.

unnamedSchermerhorn discussed how he’s satisfied with Facebook’s targeting for new likes:

I’m busier than ever for this time of year. I know it’s directly attributable to my Facebook efforts as almost all new inquiries are non-Ferrari guys, which I wanted to explore diversifying to other marques. I also have more Ferrari business which is harder to track “why” but I believe FB efforts are paying off with the Tiffosi.

As for increased revenue, it’s there too. I’ll likely be hiring someone part time (an engineering student who wants to learn motorsport). The biggest thing I’ve seen is a dramatic increase in inquiries.

Also, I need to mention that I’m continually impressed with the quality of new “likes” of my page, in that when there’s either a job title or their profile photo is something in motorsport and/or Ferrari, so the targeting is pin point on!