Fennec (Firefox) for Android Pre-Alpha Release – Promising or Another Duke Nukem Forever?


Mozilla’s first mobile browser project, Minimo, saw a 0.1 alpha release way back in early 2004. The project shut down in 2007 and restarted as Fennec in 2008. So, a case could be made that it is in its 7th year of development. The Windows Mobile/Windows Phone part of this project was recently shut down because of changes coming in Windows Phone 7 that hinders the project. A version for Nokia’s Maemo was released earlier this month. Maemo itself will be folded into the merged MeeGo project soon. So, I assume its development will move to that platform.

A Pre-Alpha release for Android (don’t ask me what “pre-alpha” means) was released this week:

Fennec on Android

I installed it on my Nexus One keeping in mind that it is not even mature enough to be labled as “Alpha”. So, I’ll refrain from trying to “review” it since that would be unfair.

This pre-alpha Fennec for Android looks promising. It runs much better than the releases I tried on various Windows Mobile phones over the years. But, I have to wonder if this 6+ year old effort is another Duke Nukem Forever project repeated. This game was in continuous development from 1997 to 2009. I hope Fennec Mozilla fairs better.