FEMA’s John “Pat” Philbin Joins PIER Systems as SVP

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Another chapter of our ongoing coverage of the staged FEMA presser has closed. FEMA’s former Director of External Affairs John “Pat” Philbin, one of the staffers to exit after the scandal along with spokesman Aaron Walker, has accepted a job as SVP at PIER (public information emergency response). News from O’Dwyer’s via PRWatch.

We interviewed Philbin after we obtained his internal going-away memo confirming he did indeed give notice before the press conference occurred.

Philbin had a job lined up at ODNI, then lost it presumably because of political pressure.

According to PIER’s CEO in the release:

“We looked closely at this situation before offering this position to Pat,” Baron said. “Knowing Pat, we knew it was not in his character to be deceptive or to try to pull a fast one on the media or the public. It was clear to us that Pat became aware of the planning errors while things were happening. True to his character, he accepted responsibility for the problems and he has paid a very high price by both the media who mischaracterized the errors and by his superiors who, in our view, did not demonstrate the same level of leadership, professionalism and personal courage that Pat did.”

For more depth on Philbin and the chain of events, check out Kami Huyse’s one-on-one sitdown with him on January 9th.