Female Lego Scientists Tweet Their Academic Challenges – and It’s Hilarious

Female Lego Academics Are All the Rage on Twitter

Lego scientists have issues with their footnotes, too, it seems, and Twitter can sympathize. The latest account to sweep the Twitter-sphere documents the trials and tribulations of female academics – Lego style.

@LegoAcademics chronicles the experiences of a group of tiny female scientists from the “Lego Research Institute,” a fictional world where dino bones, beaker sets and cups of coffee come in “cube”.

Cnet spoke to Donna Yates, the woman behind the account about its genesis:

“My office mate and I took a break from what we were doing and put them together. As the day wore on, the Legos started to re-create the scenes that Dr. Marguerite Schinkel, my office mate, and I were living. I posted those to my personal Twitter account and people liked them.”

From trying to strike work-life balances to chugging back coffee so they can attend the next coffee meeting, the adventures of these Lego academics are striking a chord with a sizeable crowd on Twitter. The account’s 23 tweets have already attracted about 23,500 followers.

(Image via Twitter/@LegoAcademics)

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