FEMA Goes to PRSA Ethics School; John “Pat” Philbin Responds


(photo of the staged FEMA press conference obtained by CBS)

Last week FEMA took PRSA up on their offer (via Kami Huyse) to come in for a little ethics refresher course.

We contacted one FEMA’s former Director of External Affairs John “Pat” Philbin about the training, and found out in fact, PRSA notified him of the offer, presumably before his departure.

Philbin explained he was part of a similar training and accreditation at his previous gig at Anteon where he worked on communications efforts to the Government. According to Philbin, “One of my employees actually should get the credit for pushing the accreditation, which I fully supported (with Anteon’s help) and participated in the training that led to my own accreditation. Accreditation is a good thing…it helps establish a minimum level of standardization in the body of knowledge of the industry.”

More on the FEMA story as it becomes available. We suspect there is a deeper story of interest to PRNewser readers and plan to keep covering it.