Fellow Teen, You’ll Be the Death of Me!

What do teenagers hate more than people trying to be who they aren’t? Simple: people who are trying to figure them out and what makes them “who they are.” Or such is the case with CultureSpy.com, a group that has sprung up to combat trend watching, or, rather, spying on them by secretely working their way into their teenage societies and learning the lay of the land. And who can blame them? It’s always annoying to have the adults try and talk at your level, but anymore, as such a powerful marketing target, it’s gotta be exhausting. Then again, it has to be a full-time job trying to keep up in that world, even for a twenty-something trend-grabber. But long intro aside, there’s an interesting, quickie intereview with a member of CultureSpy, about their principles and purposes, over at PSFK. Here’s some:

The website itself is a critical exploration of the practice of marketers employing teen correspondents to gather cultural data on their peers. The site does not celebrate nor condemn the practice. Instead it seeks to examine the nuanced dynamic of cultural exchange that occurs between marketers and teenagers in this relationship.