Feline Frenzy: Robot Wars is a New Facebook Game from Pakistani Developer White Rabbit

Apparently, the end of the world isn’t going to be a nuclear war, the rise of Skynet, or even a biological weapon that turns us all into zombies. No, evidently the end will be cybernetic cats and radioactive elephants. Well, at least that’s the image that Islamabad-based social developer White Rabbit paints with Feline Frenzy: Robot Wars.

The game is a quirky, simple, arcade-shooter that has cyborg storks dropping cyborg cats onto the flanks of a simple hut with a giant cannon on the roof. Using the arrow keys and space bar, players rotate the cannon right or left in an attempt to shoot the balloons that are floating the cats down to safety. Unfortunately, your ammunition cache is comprised of mere boots, so hitting the balloons and sending the evil felines plummeting to their doom is all that will work. However, four reaching the ground safely on either side spells failure for the player.

The goal of the game is to last as long as you can, and brag about it to your friends later. As players shoot the various storks and cats, they score points (which of course means there is a leaderboard system), with more being earned the quicker they hit the target. However, the catch is that for every shot fired, it costs points, so it is prudent to be accurate. It is possible, though, to get some free shots by inviting friends.

To a degree, this is quite useful in racking up higher scores, as some of the unlockable ammunition – better shoes, of course – have higher point costs to use, but extra benefits. As a general example, the Cowboy Boots are larger, so they cover more area, while the Khussa Shoes are small, but ricochet. Each piece of footwear acts as a makeshift achievement as well, since they are not all unlocked the same way. Some are unlocked by reaching a new level during a game, which is basically symbiotic with your score, while others require you to win gold medals in the app’s eight mini-games.

In fact, these games do make for an added bonus as they are all more curious adaptations to the main shooting concept. Some are merely survival games, only giving the player two cats on each side before losing, others have tiny balloons, while still other involve a deluge of radioactive, nuclear elephants.

This actually leads to a major complaint with Feline Frenzy though. The controls feel extremely sluggish, for it seemingly takes forever to rotate the cannon from one end to the other. It isn’t too much of an issue for the storks and cats, but these blasted elephants come out of nowhere from the top of the screen and fall faster than the cannon can turn. As an example, if your cannon is aiming far left, and one falls from the right, they will hit you, and when they do, it’s game over. Period. Obviously, it is frustrating to be able to see, it coming, but it is not possible to hit.

Overall Feline Frenzy is a moderately amusing game, but once the novelty of the cybernetic cat invasion has worn off, we wonder how many players will keep coming back. The name suggests that we will be seeing more Feline Frenzy titles in the future. The title has been growing steadily over the past week and a half since launching, with about 2,700 monthly active users to date.

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