Feeling Overloaded? Here's Why.

If you are reading this, there’s a good chance that you are relatively active in social media or online in general. You may have your instant messaging client open (if you don’t have more than one), your Twitter application is in the corner of your screen, you are getting emails into your never-ending inbox and some of your friends are text messaging you to see what you are up to this weekend (unless you are married in which case your husband or wife may just be texting you).

If you are like me then you also have a long to-do list which never is clean. Whether we realized it or not when we got in to it, social media is really just media about ourselves. If you are to embrace all that social media has to offer you will soon be overloaded with way too many tools to make your life “easier.” Eventually it will become too much and you will either give up entirely, figure out a way to manage it or continue down the path of never-ending noise.

Wherever you fit in the picture, you should be extremely satisfied when you take a look at the social media map that Josh Catone just posted. It’s overwhelming, just as social media is and best of all it has it’s own to-do list just as most of us do. When I first saw the image it struck a cord with me. I can step back and look at the chaos that lives within my virtual life and realize that this is part of the reason. Do you have the same experience of information overload? Is this graph an accurate representation of your social media life, or are parts missing?