Feeling Down and Out? Pull on Job Search Simple Strings

Cover letter angst. Resumes being submitted into a black hole. Job search getting you down? We totally get it.

That’s why every now and then we all need a pick me up (okay, more like sooner rather than later).

In Amy Spencer’s recent newsletter, “Vitamin Optimism,” the author of Bright Side Up, explains the importance of the simple things in life. In the job search, it’s easy to get caught up in the daily to-do list as with life, from answering calls and text messges to running errands. Sometimes we fail to acknowledge simple pleasures.

She writes in the newsletter, “And this week, let’s try to practice taking them in. Because if you add up all of the little pleasures in one day, you end up with a string of them, like pearls. The little things do add up. So what’s on your string of simple things?”

Spencer suggests rounding up five things that can take merely 15 seconds to a few minutes to truly enjoy. Savor. Taste. Embrace.

For instance, she recommends really looking at flowering vines or landscaped bushes you typically walk by all the time. Listen to laughter or a song playing in a store while you’re grocery shopping.

“Kick off your shoes,” she writes. “And feel the grass, the sand, the rug, or the freshly paved road under your feet….These simple pleasures are your pearls. String them together, little thing by little thing. Big events don’t happen every day, but the small ones add up to great things. What little string of things can you connect today?”