Feedtrace Helps to Manage Twitter Stream

One of the biggest issues with using Twitter as a news source is dealing with the sheer clutter of tweets and retweets. That’s where Feedtrace comes in.

Rather than dealing with the entire Twitter stream, Feedtrace users view the sidebar, which contains their ranked lists and functions as an overlay for Twitter, according to ReadWriteWeb.

Feedtrace also uses a ranking system that takes into consideration how recently a tweet was posted, the “credibility” of the user according to their following/follower ratio, and the number of tweets and retweets, ReadWriteWeb reported. It also collects tweeted links by overall popularity.

The app can be set to deliver only tweets from accounts followed by users, or even just from a single Website, and its Buzz tab allows users to see all tweets related to the current page and interact with other users, enabling users to retweet, favorite, and reply from directly within the sidebar, according to ReadWriteWeb.