Federal Social Media Index Lets You Be The Government’s Big Brother

The US government has checks and balances baked in, but who’s watching government agencies on the Wild West of social media?

Expert Labs has created a Federal Social Media Index, a dashboard that measures how 125 federal departments are using Twitter, so you can turn the tables and keep tabs on what they’re doing.

The Federal Social Media Index ranks which federal agencies are doing the best job on Twitter. It offers a snapshot view of how active all of the 125 agencies in the Index are, as well as detailed information about the most engaged. The Index is updated weekly.

For instance, in the week ending November 27th, the State Department Twitter account (@StateDept) was the “Agency of the week”, replying to the most tweets of all agencies (with 305 replies for the week).

From all of the 125 agencies, the week of November 21st to 27th saw 231 questions asked of their followers, 168 unique individuals responding, 178 responses to questions asked of them, and 3,022 total replies to followers.

And the details on the Index are pretty interesting to explore. The most answered question in terms of total responses was the following from the U.S. Marines (@USMC):

“Happy Thanksgiving #Marines and family. If you could only have a #MRE which one would you have today? Now go PT before dinner”

There’s also an interactive chart that shows how engaged each agency is in terms of their reply-to-questions ratio which you can take a look at below:

Expert Labs, the creators of the Index, explain that they wanted to identify how well different federal organizations were using Twitter, as well as offer a place to explore best practices for any future organization that signs up:

“While it’s obvious the federal government’s embraced social media on Twitter and Facebook, each organization uses them in different ways and it’s tricky to tell who’s doing it well. Some use it for press releases alone, while others are soliciting opinions from the public and replying constantly.

Our hope is that the FSMI helps bring the people behind these accounts together, helping them learn from each other’s efforts, as well as informing any future agencies getting ready to make the plunge.”

(Top image: Minerva Studio via Shutterstock)