Featured Job Of The Day: Marketing Intern, GumboWriters.com

We don’t usually feature jobs that don’t pay, since you can find enough of those without our help, but we wanted to call out this one. It’s special.
GumboWriters.com is looking for two or three interns to put in three days a week and learn about the book publishing industry.

The description:

We are seeking 2-3 unpaid interns interested in learning more about social media marketing, book publicity, ghost writing, building an author’s platform, shooting author videos and web series and the ins and outs of the book publishing industry. We are not a literary agency or a book publishing house but rather a middle man that prepares the author or the project to be ready for a literary agent or a publisher. We foster an environment where your creativity and opinion is treasured and encouraged rather than stifled. Interns are invited to attend book publishing and film/TV industry parties and premieres, training, as well as meetings with some of publishing’s most influential people.

Why we like it: Because if you take this internship, this guy will be your boss! Yeah, GalleyCat contributor Jeff Rivera will be telling you what to do and stuff. We hear he’s pretty chill, as long as you don’t mess up his Starbucks order. (Kidding!)