Featured in Features

Today we are once again perusing the feature sections in publications around town. Who did it well, who creeped us out — and which outlets could stand to completely reinvent their thinking?

The goodThe Hill ran a feature Monday about two separate job-lead forums for people seeking employment on Capitol Hill. The forums, BradTraverse.com and TommanatosJobs.com, were created by Hill staffers who at one point were out of work and had trouble finding a job. The article is informative and easy to for many to relate to — what some may perceive to be the exact opposite of Mitt Romney.

The bad— Calling TWT‘s review of counter singer Tim McGraw‘s latest album “bad” may not be fair, but how else do you describe a review of any country music album included in a metropolitan newspaper? The description of McGraw’s album is a little much: “‘Emotional Traffic,’ which finally sees the light of day this week, is stocked with everything the country singer does best, from beer-drinking honky-tonk songs to twangy pop anthems. It’s filled with single-worthy cuts, too…” Gag!

The confusing— Is it a good thing or bad thing that anyone who wants to open a sidewalk food vendor has to wait for new regulations from D.C’s Department of Regulatory Affairs? Is it good or bad that once regulations are complete, new vendors will pay $587 for a one-year permit from the city? A feature in WaPo asks readers to put on their rose-tinted glasses and see the bright side: Once all is said and done (doesn’t say when) there might be more available options for street vendor. Key word: might.

The noteworthyThe Washington Examiner ran what was more of an announcement than a feature on Monday; but it could make for an interesting feature. The item highlighted a notice from Prince George’s County in search of residents 90 years old and older. PG County plans to host an event celebrating the old people living there, with “special recognition” for residents who are 100. We hope The Examiner will cover the event and gather health and beauty tips from those who’ve aged most gracefully. We’d also like to hear about how loud they have to scream to get their their answers.

The concerning— Per usual, The Daily Caller is running a collection of nearly naked photographs of a woman. This time it’s model Heidi Klum for the simple fact that she is now separated from her husband of seven years, singer Seal. We usually put The DC‘s features in “the kinky” category. But the DC’s Entertainment Editor who bylines these collections, Taylor Bigler, quaintly wrote, “Now that [Klum is] finally single, we may actually have a chance — in our dreams.”