Featured in Features

Today we take another look at the feature sections in publications around town. Who did it well — and which outlets could stand to completely reinvent their thinking?

The good— What’s a “Buddha machine?” We’re not sure, but the Washington Examiner has us intrigued. They ran a feature Sunday about a musical duo coming to Washington to perform at the Kennedy Center on Tuesday. The duo is made up of Helen Gillet and Clint Maedgen, last names which the Examiner notes are pronounced as “Gee-lay” and strangely “Cajun.” Along with the Buddha machine, the two play the cello, piano, drum machine, flute, battery operated voice modulator “and other assorted electronic toys and gadgets.”

The badWaPo has gone all soft serve on us with a feature fit for TBD. The main story in their Lifestyles section Monday morning was a slideshow of Orthodox Christians celebrating Christmas on Jan. 7, rather than Dec. 25, like the rest of us. The photos aren’t particularly stunning and the captions are bland. Oh, and the whole thing is content from AP, Reuters and Getty.

The kinky— This category goes again to The Daily Caller. The last time we ran this feature, DC was running a slideshow of female models and celebrities in skimpy Santa outfits. Now there’s a slideshow with “the top 10 reasons why Russell Brand is an idiot.” Those “top 10 reasons” are simply photos of a scantily dressed Katy Perry, who was recently handed divorce papers from Brand. If nothing else, at least DC knows its audience.

The lazy— In the last “Featured in Features,” this category went to The Hill for having a week-old story still positioned at the top of its “Capital Living” section. Guess what story is still there? Yes, the same boring Q&A with actress Holland Taylor.

The noteworthyTWT published a story on Sunday about plans for the late Michael Jackson‘s three kids, Prince, Paris and “Blanket,” to honor their father by imprinting his trademark shoes and sequined glove outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. It’s an interesting enough story, and the paper gets kudos for not simply running AP copy.