Featured Facebook Campaigns: Zynga, Oreo, NBA, Pizza Hut, Subaru and Black Eyed Peas

A few bold marketing moves were on our Featured Facebook Campaigns this week, Zynga and the NBA in particular, although Oreo also tried to get a world record of Facebook marketing. All told there was everything from in-game advertising to NBA team building, Justin Bieber and pizza, digital avatars and dog walking.

Zynga’s Treasure Isle and T-Mobile Partnership

Goal: Advertising, Engagement

Core Mechanic: Zynga has partnered with T-Mobile to include a speed-related task in its Treasure Isle game that touts the speed of T-Mobile’s 4G network.

Game: Treasure Isle is one of Zynga’s hit games. In the new partnership with T-Mobile, an ad campaign in Treasure Isle will include a custom mission themed around the speed of T-Mobile’s 4G network.

Method: The appssavvy-produced ad campaign promises 25 fire shovels, which increase speed in Treasure Isle, and gold coins as rewards for virtually calling five friends to participate in the mission. By calling your friends, or assembling your 4G network, T-Mobile will figure prominently in the game. The campaign runs for a total of 10 days and will featuring T-Mobile icons throughout the game.

Impact: Data from AppData, our service that tracks app and developer leaderboards shows that Treasure Isle has more than 2.5 daily active users and just under 12 million monthly active users. Even if the T-Mobile campaign only lasts for 10 days, there is potential to reach millions of users.

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Oreo’s Guinness World Record for More Likes

Goal: Engagement, Press, Page Growth, Network Exposure

Core Mechanic: Kraft Foods’ Oreo cookie brand set out to set a world record for the most Likes on a Facebook post in 24 hours.

Method: Oreo asked their fan base of 16 million to help them set a Guinness world record for the most Likes on a Facebook post in 24 hours. Oreo made it, securing 114,619 Likes on the post.

Impact: Rapper Lil Wayne got wind of Oreo’s world record attempt and asked his 20 million fans to help him compete with Oreo. In the end, Lil Wayne beat out Oreo’s 114,619 Likes many times over. The media coverage of this Facebook Like duel added an unexpected boost to Oreo’s world record blitz. It’s not clear if the musician was in any way sponsored by the brand.

NBA Legend, League’s New Facebook Game

Goal: Product Purchase, Engagement, Network Exposure, Page Growth

Core Mechanic: NBA Legend is the basketball league’s social game offering on Facebook that allows players to essentially train and build up their own teams.

Game: The game allows users to create an avatar, join an NBA basketball team, purchase abilities, such as speed and skill, and then follow a simulated career within the game. Users may compete with their friends on Facebook and eventually the NBA hopes to sell fans virtual goods, such as shoes and sports drinks.

Method: NBA Legend is a virtual world game that allows users, in particular basketball fans, to engage with their favorite teams in a new way, that is by building teams not just playing on them. The game allows users to construct their avatars, take advice from star players and coaches, and generally experience a different type of sports game.

Impact: The NBA has among the highest fan base of any professional sports in the U.S. and thus the game has a large potential audience from which to draw. Although the NBA does have licensing deals with Electronic Arts to make video games, they worked with Lionside to create Legend from another perspective — not just playing games, but coming in as a rookie and working through a basketball career. As previously mentioned, perhaps eventually the NBA will incorporate virtual goods and even marketing campaigns within the game. This is another example of highly recognizable, mainstream intellectual property moving into social games, just as Madden All-Stars and FIFA All-Stars have done.

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