Featured Facebook Campaigns: Ultimat Vodka, Nasty Gals, Toyota Prius, Burger King and Subway

Ultimat Vodka’s Social Life Audit topped our review of Facebook campaigns this week, although Burger King and Subway also had some interesting ways of promoting their products. Nasty Gals saw a particularly successful and simple sweepstakes campaign and Toyota Prius’ charity app was interesting for being so tightly branded.

Below is an excerpt of this week’s full Featured Facebook Campaigns entry in the Facebook Marketing Bible, which also includes detailed breakdowns of over 100 other Facebook marketing campaigns by top-performing brands and other organization on Facebook.

Ultimat Vodka’s Social Life Audit

Goal: Brand Loyalty, Product Purchase, Engagement, Network Exposure

Method: Ultimat Vodka created an app, Social Life Audit, that culls a users’ data and creates a customized social “score” and infographic.

Core Mechanic: We spoke to Paul Aaron with Amalgamated, who worked on the Social Life Audit campaign for Ultimat Vodka and he told us that the app itself was tightly integrated into the company’s brand.

“Our overall goal was to create more widespread buzz and word-of-mouth that got people thinking about Ultimate Vodka,” he told us. “Facebook is where people go to be social and spirit brands are inherently social brands. Social Life Audit was part of a broader campaign targeting overworked, high-end consumers who are craving balance in their lives.”

The vodka product is a mix of wheat, rye and potato vodkas, therein is marketed as being well-balanced. Aaron told us that the broader Ultimat campaign was precise and targeted via print and digital, but that the Facebook app generated the most buzz for the brand. Users not only get their own personalized infographic when using the app (which also generates ticker stories), but they can share this to the stream when they are finished.

It is this part of the app — the sharing — that Aaron said was the most potent of the campaign. “When people use the app and get their score, they are encouraged to post them, which in turn, gets tagged and added to their photo albums. About halfway through making Social Life Audit, we knew we had something special on our hands, but we didn’t know that it would garner as much traffic s it did.”

Overall Aaron told us the app, with impressions on- and off-line, delivered CPM that was a fraction of print or banner ads. This was of particular value, since the brand didn’t have a big advertising budget.

Impact: The Page was created at the end of November and currently stands at 10,100 Likes.

Nasty Gals’ Epic Holiday Giveaway

Goal: Page Growth, Email List, Brand Loyalty, Product Purchase, Network Exposure

Method: Nasty Gal is a clothing company hosting an email entry sweepstakes giving away a gift card every day until Christmas for two weeks.

Core Mechanic: The sweepstakes asks users to enter an email to win one of the gift cards, ranging from $200 to $1,000. The sweepstakes is Like-gated and allows users to share their entry to the stream.

Impact: The sweepstakes is simple and appears to have brought in about 10,000 Likes since it began in early December, according to PageData. The Page currently stands at 146,800 Likes.

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