Featured Facebook Campaigns: Taco Bell, Boeing, Pesek Zman, El Al and Mercedes-Benz

Free food, free trips and free cars were on our list of Featured Facebook Campaigns this week. Taco Bell began giving away tacos on their Facebook page while Boeing’s Page has begun doing fan outreach. The Israel brand of Cadbury’s Time Out candy, Pesek Zman, launched a new social game designed around its product. Israel airline El Al introduced an attempt to game Facebook’s new profile layout to provide a banner greeting to users. Finally, Mercedes-Benz recently wrapped up a campaign to help increase Twitter and Facebook followers, culminating with its Super Bowl commercial.

Taco Bell’s Free Crunch Taco Coupon Giveaway

Goal: Engagement, Product Purchase, Network Exposure, Page Growth

Core Mechanic: Free crunchy taco coupon after a user Likes the Taco Bell Facebook Page.

Method: The landing tab for the Taco Bell Facebook Page is a screen asking the user to click Like to gain access to a coupon for a free crunchy taco. The Page advertised the coupons before the launch and, after clicking Like, the process is fast and self-explanatory for the user to print the coupon from Facebook. This promotion likely comes in part from a recent lawsuit filed against the company claiming that its meat filling isn’t really 100% meat.

Impact: Response on the company’s Page has been tremendous, as updates pertaining to the free taco coupons number in the thousands.

The Boeing Store

Goal: Engagement, Network Exposure

Core Mechanic: Interacting with fans who share on Boeing’s Facebook Page by reaching out to them about the material posted to the Page.

Method: Boeing invites its Facebook fans to check out new merchandise and explore aerospace on its Page and ask fans to share photos, information and other feedback. One such fan, Dr. Jeremy Hampton, recently was invited to be a guest at the debut of the company’s latest 747 passenger plane after submitting photos to the Page, for example.

Impact: For a company that doesn’t offer any consumer products or services, Boeing’s near 75,000 Facebook Likes is pretty impressive. More than a dozen fans have also shared photos to the Boeing Page.

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