Featured Facebook Campaigns: T.G.I. Friday’s, State Farm, Sprint, NASCAR, Honda

Campaigns we featured this week used a few interesting and new ways of reaching out to Facebook users to grow their Pages, strengthen brand loyalty or align themselves with charitable causes. T.G.I. Friday’s let users buy each other beers with e-gift cards, State Farm Latino let users help Latin America by playing a game, Olympic Paint asked users to make their walls talk and Bergdorf Goodman takes fan engagement to a new level by asking its Facebook fans to become models for its latest campaign.

We’ve excerpted two of the campaigns below. You can see the full week’s coverage in the Facebook Marketing Bible, which also includes detailed breakdowns of dozens of other featured campaigns by top-performing brands and businesses on Facebook.

T.G.I. Friday’s Buy a Beer

Goal: Page Growth, Product Purchase, Engagement, Network Exposure, Brand Loyalty

Core Mechanic: A Facebook tab and app that allows users to send their Facebook friends a virtual gift card for a beer at T.G.I. Friday’s.

Method: The Buy A Beer tab on the T.G.I. Friday’s Page allows users to send an electronic gift card to their friends redeemable for an actual beer at the restaurant chain. The campaign is part of the chain’s in-store “Summer of Beer” push; users can send up to five beers to their friends at $5 per beer, or send a non-alcoholic beverage or food item.

Impact: The T.G.I. Friday’s Page has over 583,000 Likes and affords users several opportunities to share this offer with their friends via Facebook or Twitter. The launch of the app on June 9th caused the rate of new Likes to the Page to increase by roughly 25% in the few days afterwards.

State Farm Latino & Soccket’s Juega Hoy. Ilumina el Mañana.

Goal: Engagement, Product Purchase, Brand Loyalty, Network Exposure, Charity

Core Mechanic: A Juega e Ilumina tab with a wide variety of ways that users can interact with State Farm/Soccket’s campaign. The campaign aims to help provide Latin American countries with access to electricity.

Method: Users who visit the Juega Hoy. Ilumina el Mañana tab have ample opportunities to interact with videos, games, and spread the word about them. By interacting with these modules, users earn donations of Soccket balls (which generate electricity) to the region, while gaining the chance to download an exclusive iPhone app. On the tab there’s the option to use in English or Spanish, watch videos, Like and Share interesting content, support your favorite Latin American country and play a fun soccer game.

Impact: The State Farm Latino Page hosting the content has grown to 41,400 Likes, which could have been further boosted by this campaign had it been Like-gated. Overall the campaign’s hook of drawing users to participate and spend time on the site by offering a charity donation in exchange seems to be successful. What’s more, the actual integration is of a very high quality and this is reflected in the user’s experience playing the games or watching the videos. Companies can use similar alliances with charities to inspire more engagement with their campaigns, even if the actual value of the donations is very small.

How are top brands in the industry designing their Facebook marketing campaigns? See the Facebook Marketing Bible for detailed breakdowns of dozens of Featured Campaigns by top-performing brands and businesses on Facebook.