Featured Facebook Campaigns: Pretzel Crisps, Farmers Insurance, Zynga, 7-Eleven and JVC

Some companies tried new methods, and others relied on tried and true ones in their campaigns on Facebook over the last week. Pretzel Crisps engaged customers over their new product flavors, also giving away copious amounts of it for free, and 7-11 gave away free coffee this week. Farmers Insurance teamed up with Zynga to promote its services while JVC is set to create a network of local Facebook Pages to target its customers.

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Pretzel Crisps’ Spice Up Your Life Sweepstakes

Goal: Page Growth, Product Purchase, Brand Loyalty, Network Exposure, Engagement

Core Mechanic: A week-long sweepstakes from Pretzel Crisps that both awarded free product to users and asked them to engage with the brand via Facebook app.

Method: The sweepstakes began Monday, September 26, and ran through Friday, September 30 in order to promote the new Pretzel crisps flavors in the Bold & Spicy flavors, specifically Jalapeño Jack and Chipotle Cheddar. Users could enter once an hour to win a case of the new flavors; all told the company would be giving away a case (36 bags) of the new product every hour for 100 hours. Additionally, the grand prize sweepstakes is $5,000 and winners were to be announced on the Sweepstakes tab on the Page.

Once users entered, a feed story was generated. Users could customize each branded entry by selecting a phrase about the product that also described themselves.

We spoke to Pretzel Crisps’ Director of Interactive and Field Marketing Jason Harty, who noted that the two primary goals of the campaign were to build the size of the Page and to engage with customers about the new products. Plus, “I looked at it as a really unique way to seed product to new people in random parts of the country,” he said in reference to the delivery of cases of new product to winners. Harty said he hoped winners would share the new flavors with their family and friends and share their feedback with the company online.

Harty described the role of social media in Pretzel Crisps’ marketing as “very important,” mostly because it’s a two-way dialogue with customers. The company prides itself on its Facebook content that includes more than simply “buy more or eat more,” but suggests different ways for customers to use the product, a dip recipe for example.

Impact: Pretzel Crisps used this campaign, Harty told us, with the goal of reaching the 100,000 Likes milestonefrom 62,000. Ambitious though it may have been, the Page did almost hit this mark, currently standing at 98,700 Likes. The company shared some preliminary results with us, noting that during the sweepstakes the Page received a 57% increase in fans and more than 8,000 Wall posts. PageData showed the Page received about 36,000 new fans during the span of one week.

What Harty highlighted, however, was that the engagement that accompanied the tens of thousands of entries was very high. About 25% of those who entered also posted a branded news story about the product and their entry, which Harty considered high, noting “I view that as genuine, earned media.”

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