Featured Facebook Campaigns: Pepsi and SavingStar, Banana Republic, Tabasco, Nokia, Honda and More

We saw an interesting new promotion on our weekly roundup of Facebook campaigns — paying customers cash to buy products. There was also a branded dress-up contest, a branded game, a Facebook customer service tool, contests, travel apps and more.

Below is an excerpt of this week’s full Featured Facebook Campaigns entry in the Facebook Marketing Bible, which also includes detailed breakdowns of over 100 other Facebook marketing campaigns by top-performing brands and other organization on Facebook.

Pepsi and SavingStar Launch Spend $15, Get $5

Goal: Product Purchase, Brand Loyalty, Network Exposure

Method: In an interesting new Facebook promotion, Pepsi Max is using SavingStar technology to ask users who buy $15 worth of Pepsi Max or Diet Pepsi products on November through participating retailers to receive $5 cash at the end of the month.

Core Mechanic: SavingStar built a network of 24,000 retailers throughout the country and by using SavingStar technology, Pepsi customers do not have to drastically alter their shopping behavior to participate. Simply registering a frequent buyer card, say at CVS, is enough to participate. At the end of the month users have several options to redeem their cash, SavingStar CEO David Rochon tells us. “The money goes in an account in your name and you can choose how to receive your money — through a PayPal account, bank account, Amazon gift certificate, or you can donate it to charity.”

The idea behind the SavingStar platform is to make it simpler for customers to receive value, and also to make that process fully digital, Rochon explains. This way, these branded offers may reach not just loyal Pepsi fans, but even people who may not normally drink this product. Such promotions are positioned to take the place of dwindling ad campaigns like the Sunday newspaper coupon, Rochon told us.

“The reason that we love Facebook is that these are the kind of promotions that are inherently social, people want to share them, that’s the reason that a national program [like SavingStar] is important,” Rochon explained.

Impact: The offer launched last Tuesday and Rochon told us that thousands of folks had taken advantage of the offer just a few days later. The Diet Pepsi Page and the Pepsi Max Page are both getting some bumps in Likes, according to our PageData tool. But, this campaign’s success is better measured in brand awareness and sales than Likes, since the feature is not Like-gated.

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