Featured Facebook Campaigns: Old Navy, Carrabba’s, Malaysia Airlines, Chobani Yogurt and Solmar Hotels and Resorts

Brands were giving out coupons, soliciting fan feedback, creating engaging games, awarding vacations and helping make life a little more convenient when traveling — based on our look at featured Facebook campaigns this week. There were some interesting tactics used, including emailed coupons, making traveling more social by using Facebook to book your flight and using fan-generated content to gain network exposure.

We’ve excerpted two campaigns below. You can see the full week’s coverage in the Facebook Marketing Bible, which also includes detailed breakdowns of dozens of other featured campaigns by top-performing brands and businesses on Facebook.

Old Navy’s and RadiumOne Social’s Game Developer Contest

Goal: Network Exposure, Product Purchase, Engagement, Page Growth

Core Mechanic: Old Navy and RadiumOne Social sponsored the Game On!: The Old Navy Developers Challenge to find the company’s new application.

Game: BreakoutBand’s winning app allowed users to create their own Old Navy-themed song, taken from Old Navy’s current Old Navy Records ad campaign.

Method: Old Navy and RadiumOne Social teamed up to sponsor the developers contest, then selected mockups from Sugar Inc., BreakoutBand, and Tetris Online/Ace Studios to run live for two weeks. BreakoutBand was awarded $15,000 as the winner on March 1.

Impact: According to a press release, during the two week demonstration, the average amount of time spent creating a song with BreakoutBand’s game was 80 minutes and more than 200 songs were created. The two winning songs were featured on the Old Navy Facebook Page, which has more than 2 million fans.

Carrabba’s Postcards From Italy

Goal: Network Exposure, Engagement, Page Growth, Product Purchase

Core Mechanic: Facebook entry form to receive coupons, or “postcards,” for Carrabba’s products via email.

Method: The Carrabba’s Postcards From Italy app on Facebook requires the user to Like the Page before using the app. After giving permission, users must fill out their name, email and birthday, then select the Carrabba’s location nearest to them. Once this is done the user has the opportunity to invite more Facebook friends to participate. The user is told that they will receive one postcard, or coupon, a week, unless they sign up later in the promotion, when the coupons will come spaced closer together; the offers include free desserts or appetizers, $5 off pasta dishes and 20% off carry-out. Finally, the user is asked to enter to win a Vespa motor bike. The app posts a story to the news feed that links back to the postcard entry form.

Impact: The Carrabba’s Page recently surpassed 80,000 Likes and posts about the application received dozens, sometimes hundreds, of Likes; most posts received dozens of comments.

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