Featured Facebook Campaigns: Marriott Resorts, The National Guard, Discover Boating, Bravo, Nike and More

Events, adventures, videos, boats, pets, bikes and football (soccer) were all significant campaigns on Facebook this week. Some notable examples in our campaigns included Marriott’s creation of a Like-gated physical event in New York City and Discover Boating’s use of a boat-centric social network to grow its Page.

We’ve excerpted two of the campaigns below. You can see the full week’s coverage in the Facebook Marketing Bible, which also includes detailed breakdowns of dozens of other featured campaigns by top-performing brands and businesses on Facebook.

Step Into Summer By Marriott Resorts

Goal: Page Growth, Network Exposure, Product Purchase, Engagement

Core Mechanic: A free coupon printout to attend a New York simulation of a Marriott Resorts vacation, and for those unable to attend, a chance to win a free trip to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico.

Method: The landing tab of the Page asks users to print out a coupon to attend a one-day event in New York City hosted by Marriott Resorts that simulates a vacation, including pedicures, massages and free sandals. For those unable to attend the event, there’s a chance to enter to win a vacation at one of Marriott’s Mexican resorts in Puerto Vallarta.

Impact: The Page just but 1,300 Likes, although the Like-gated promotion will probably aid in this sense. It’s novel to create a Like-gated physical event, helping people feel like they’re getting a tangible reward for their loyalty, even if they cannot attend.

Discover Boating’s Welcome to the Water

Goal: Engagement, Product Purchase, Network Exposure

Core Mechanic: A Facebook app that serves as something of a social network for people who like to use boats for fishing, watersports, cruising or sailing.

Method: The Welcome to the Water app seems to simulate a social network for boaters, allowing users to create invites for other boaters, attain rank for their activities (captain, second mate, etc.), share who’s invited and enter to win prizes.

Impact: A press release from Discover Boating noted that the Page grew from 39,000 to 100,000 in six weeks.

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