Featured Facebook Campaigns: LancĂ´me, Nivea, Cost Plus World Market, Allstate, Budweiser and Axe

Brands made some good use of leveraging Facebook’s platform this week. Lancôme used photos to show users how good they could look with its makeup products, Nivea leveraged its sponsorship of a Rihanna concert to grow its Page and Cost Plus used a sweepstakes to simultaneously bulk up its email marketing list. Allstate, Budweiser and Axe also had interesting ways of engaging fans and growing Pages this week.

We’ve excerpted two of the campaigns below. You can see the full week’s coverage in the Facebook Marketing Bible, which also includes detailed breakdowns of dozens of other featured campaigns by top-performing brands and businesses on Facebook.

Lancôme’s House of Color Makeup App

Goal: Page Growth, Network Exposure, Brand Loyalty, Product Purchase, Engagement

Core Mechanic: An app that allows users to try out Lancôme’s latest brand of eye shadow products on their own photo on Facebook.

Method: The House of Color app on the Lancôme Page asks a user to select a photo either from Facebook or upload one, choose the shape of your eye, then apply the makeup to your photo. Once you do so, you can either download the photo, or share it to Facebook, Twitter or email. Also, users may click on “Shop” to purchase the eye shadow in question on the Lancôme website.

The app is not only an original use of Facebook photos, but very tightly woven into the Facebook photo interface. LancĂ´me here uses Facebook at every stage of the app to sell its products.

Impact: Currently the LancĂ´me Page counts about 357,300 Likes.

Nivea’s Rihanna Live Sweepstakes

Goal: Page Growth, Brand Loyalty, Network Exposure, Engagement

Core Mechanic: A sweepstakes sponsored by Nivea where users can enter to win either tickets to a Rihanna concert or a grand prize of meeting Rihanna.

Method: Nivea is one of the sponsors of Rihanna’s current tour and so is sponsoring the Rihanna Live sweepstakes, where Nivea Facebook fans may win tickets to the singer’s North American LOUD Tour this summer. The company is giving out a pair of tickets to about a dozen stops on Rihanna’s tour with a grand prize of a trip to New Jersey with airfare, hotel and a meet and greet.

Because the promotion is Like-gated and because Rihanna’s much more sizable fan base also sees Nivea’s products there are several opportunities to grow Nivea’s Page here. Additionally, because Rihanna is, like many pop stars, also something of a fashion and beauty icon, her partnership with Nivea allows the company to reach her millions of female fans with her implicit endorsement.

Impact: Nivea’s Facebook Page has 196,400 Likes on Facebook and Rihanna’s Page, which promotes Nivea’s products also has 33.4 million Likes.

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