Featured Facebook Campaigns: JetBlue, Coffee-Mate, Zynga, Kia, CBS and Ubisoft

There’s a truly diverse spread of Facebook campaigns on our roundup this week. JetBlue uses Facebook’s Places in combination with its frequent flyer program, Coffee-Mate gives away product and coupons, Zynga partners with Kia and SocialVibe in a new branded game and CBS and Ubisoft work together to pair-up the CSI TV show and game during sweeps.

Zynga, SocialVibe and Kia’s Big Game Tournament

Goal: Engagement, Product Purchase, Network Exposure, Game Interaction

Core Mechanic: Kia is partnering with SocialVibe to sponsor Zynga’s new Big Game Tournament by placing content about its new Kia Optima car model in several of Zynga’s games.

Game: Zynga’s Big Game Tournament has partnered with Kia Motors America and SocialVibe from Jan. 24 through March 5 to allow players of Zynga’s games — Farmville, Petville, Mafia Wars, and Café World — to gain access to exclusive Kia content and receive Zynga cash in return.

Method: By clicking on the Kia icon at the bottom of the game page for the aforementioned Zynga games, players will be directed to a virtual football game featuring teams of characters from their favorite Zynga games. During this virtual football game players will be greeted with interactive Kia Optima content, have the chance to share this experience on Facebook or Twitter, and finally receive Zynga cash. Specifically: 4 Pet Cash for PetVille; 2 Farm Cash for Farmville; 1 Café Cash for Café World and 2 Reward Points for Mafia Wars.

Impact: Kia’s Facebook Page is rather small, but the landing tab also promotes the Optima. Gaining access to Zynga’s 200 million monthly active users via its most popular social games is sure to give a boost to Kia, which has actively promoted its models on Facebook with video ads in the past.

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Coffee-Mate’s Free Flavor Friday

Goal: Network Exposure, Engagement, Product Purchase

Core Mechanic: Offering fans a free $1 off coupon for a Coffee-Mate purchase on the Facebook Page via app after an email address is requested.

Method: The Free Flavor Friday started out as a one-time offering of 100,000 free bottles of Coffee-mate, but due to the success of the campaign, the company added another 20,000 bottles. When the demand continued, the company decided to offer more coupons to its Facebook fans for $1 off a bottle of the coffee creamer. Getting a coupon is as simple as entering your email address, users do not have to Like the Page and coupons are printed directly off the Facebook Page.

Impact: The Page currently counts more than 254,200 Likes and at least 120,000 people have used the Facebook Page to receive a free bottle of product. What’s more, the Page’s Wall posts frequent updates of technical difficulties, so it seems there was a lot of enthusiasm from consumers. Thus, the simple campaigns seems to have been rather effective.

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