Featured Facebook Campaigns: Dunkin’ Nation, UNO, Notruf Deutschland, “The Big Lebowski” and Publishers Clearing House

Credits, free money and fear were used by different brands this week to attract more Likes, customers and promote brand loyalty. Dunkin Donuts, UNO and Publishers Clearing House lured users with free money while the German crime show Notruf Deutschland utilized a user’s profile to instill fear in them. Finally, Milyoni’s new Social Theater app lets users buy movies right on Facebook.

We’ve excerpted two of the campaigns below. You can see the full week’s coverage in the Facebook Marketing Bible, which also includes detailed breakdowns of over 100 other featured campaigns by top-performing brands and businesses on Facebook.

Be President of Dunkin’ Nation

Goal: Network Exposure, Page Growth, Product Purchase

Core Mechanic: Dunkin’ Donuts is combining a promotion on its Page with check-in services from Facebook and Foursquare to give away prizes.

Method: Users may check in once an hour up to 10 times per day from one of the location services after registering on the Facebook Page in order to win. Participants who check in often enough may be crowned the “President of Dunkin’ Nation” and other users are eligible to win a daily sweepstakes of prizes including an LCD TV, gift cards, t-shirts, mugs and more.

Impact: The promotion begins today and runs until September 23.

Milyoni’s Social Theater Screening of “The Big Lebowski”

Goal: Product Purchase, Brand Loyalty

Core Mechanic: A Facebook purchase of a movie from the Page that may be viewed an unlimited amount of times in a 48 hours period.

Method: Users simply visit the film’s Facebook Page, click on the Social Theater (beta) tab and then agree to purchase the film with Facebook Credits. Buyers have the chance to share their purchase to the stream and save five of their friends  $1 dollar off the rental price of $3, or 30 Credits.

Impact: Facebook says the Watch The Big Lebowski app has 296 MAU, which isn’t necessarily bad given that it’s a movie rental and it’s currently in beta. The app is part of Milyoni’s new Social Theater app.

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