Featured Facebook Campaigns: BeKnown, Starz, Lexus, Starbucks and Gap

BeKnown explains their strategy for helping users and companies leverage Facebook to find job matches this week in our featured Facebook campaigns. There was also Starz’s new game to generate excitement for the premiere of “Spartacus,” Lexus’ charity campaign, Starbucks’ new drink and the Gap’s gift card contest.

Below is an excerpt of this week’s full Featured Facebook Campaigns entry in the Facebook Marketing Bible, which also includes detailed breakdowns of over 100 other Facebook marketing campaigns by top-performing brands and other organization on Facebook.

BeKnown’s College Pages, Jobs Tab on Facebook

Goal: Network Exposure, Product Use, Brand Loyalty

Method: BeKnown has recently released two integrations of its job search application. One is called College Pages and utilizes a user’s alumni and school networks to help them find work. The other, Job Tab, allows companies to post jobs on their Pages.

Core Mechanic: We spoke to Tom Chevalier, Global Product Manager for Monster Worldwide (parent to BeKnown) and he told us there were two main reasons the company had rolled out the integrations. One was to help users take advantage of their school networks on Facebook when searching for work, and secondly, to give brands another opportunity to engage users by bringing their human resources departments into the Facebook marketing game.

“College Pages play into the way in which we can help a school, help its alumni and help students come together. We really think Facebook is the place to do that,” Chevalier told us. In the College Pages BeKnown users may post jobs to the app, users may also see other people in their network affiliated with the school.

The company Pages are free to use for any company, Chevalier told us. The point of the integration is to bring in the HR department to be a part of the conversation on Facebook. It allows companies to look at fans as potential talent, he said.

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges of implementing this software on Facebook is that searching for work is often a private affair, thus BeKnown has limited sharing opportunities in order to secure trust with its users, Chevalier explained. “We do not take every possible opportunity to share information on Facebook. While user adoption and numbers are important to us, we are not willing to compromise the trust factor,” he said. That said, Chevalier did hint at a phased rollout of new features taking advantage of the custom open graph.

Ultimately, Chevalier said the BeKnown apps on Facebok would help users advance their careers in brands and schools they are connected to, and help companies connect with talent already invested in their brand.

Impact: These integrations allow BeKnown/Monster to spread all over Facebook, but according to AppData the number of users of BeKnown is currently down. Currently the app has about 210,000 MAU.

Starz’s Spartacus Campaign, Take Up Arms

Goal: Brand Loyalty, Network Engagement, Viewership Growth

Method: Starz has created a game-sweepstakes combo in anticipation of the beginning of the “Spartacus” TV show.

Core Mechanic: The Like-gated app is both a sweepstakes with a grand prize of a trip to New Zealand to visit the set, as well as branded gift packages. Users may enter the sweepstakes alone, or also play the game, Take Up Arms, and engage in the plot of the show, which is a rebel fight against Roman slaveowners. In the game users may take the side of the rebels or the Romans.

Impact: The Page comes in just under 2 million Likes but the real success of this campaign will be measured by the number of folks watching the show. PageData shows a recent spike in growth on the Page.

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