Featured Facebook Campaigns: AVG and Zynga, People Magazine, Hyundai and Linkin Park

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AVG and Hyundai hoped to accomplish their goals on Facebook by using games this week, while People Magazine gave away free subscriptions using and Linkin Park worked to make the world a better place with a livestreamed event.

AVG Gives Away Free Farmville Virtual Gifts

Goal: Product Purchase, Engagement

Core Mechanic: AVG Technologies is set to give free Farmville virtual gifts to customers who purchase their PC Tuneup between February 24 and March 2.

Method: Farmville players and AVG customers who purchase the product receive 1 free Biplane and 3 applications of Instant Grow. To promote the deal, AVG produced a video about Farmville and is blogging about Zynga’s game, too. The company is promoting the package as something that will help Farmville players with PCs enjoy the game more, while saving money.

Impact: AVG currently has 235,100 Likes on its Facebook Page and hundreds of fans have commented and Liked posts on the Wall about the deal.

Hyundai’s Compact Hype Blaster Game

Goal: Engagement, Branding, Product Purchase

Core Mechanic: A game located on the Car Blaster tab of the Hyundai Page, Compact Hype Blaster Game.

Game: The game is very simple and straightforward. The player uses the space bar and arrow buttons to move left or right and uses the space bar to “shoot” cars that represent the hype associated with compact cars. Every time you hit a car, it explodes and a word describing the hype surrounding compact cars appears, such as “Gets Great Mileage,” “Dependable” and “Reliable.” As the player is shooting the cars, they shoot back and keep inching closer to the player, getting shot or smashed by the cars ends the game, as does shooting up all the cars. There’s no publish to the stream option after playing the game.

Method: As players also don’t have to Like the Page to play the game, Hyundai misses an opportunity here to grow its Page with the Compact Conspiracy campaign and as people play the game. The campaign includes a video, other apps on the Page and the game itself. One thing missing from the game that could encourage virality is the option to publish your score, or the fact that you played the game, to the feed, or even a pop-up window to invite friends to play the game. The only option for network exposure with this game is a Share button, which requires much more work on the part of the player to spread the word.

Impact: The Page admin has been promoting the game and the Compact Conspiracy campaign and the posts have been receiving hundreds of Likes and comments. Currently the Page numbers about 129,500 Likes.

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