Featured Facebook Campaigns: “Tower Heist,” Fair Trade, Toyota, Kodak, CVS, Discovery Channel, Philips Sonicare and More

Campaigns on our list this week incorporated varied methods for either Page growth or other types of promotions. Universal Pictures is giving away 1 million Facebook Credits and Fair Trade is promoting an app to help users find fair trade products. Toyota created its own game to promote its products while CVS and Kodak are partnering to promote photo prints.

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Universal Pictures’ “Tower Heist” 1 Million Credits Giveaway

Goal: Page Growth, Engagement, Product Purchase, Network Exposure, Brand Loyalty

Core Mechanic: A Credits giveaway when users engage with a Facebook application Heist It Back that promotes the upcoming film, “Tower Heist.”

Method: “Tower Heist” is a film set for release November 4 that mirrors the country’s current financial troubles, involving a crew of “normal” folks who are swindled by a rich businessman and then seek to steal their fortunes back from him.

We spoke to IFeelGoods’ co-founder and Vice President of Marketing Scott Silverman about the application and how it is related to the film. As part of the promotion for the movie, and in what Silverman told us was in keeping with the film’s theme, users may “win back” Facebook Credits when they participate in the application’s different tasks, such as sharing their story about the time they “stuck it to the man,” inviting friends who accept the invitation or sharing on Facebook.

“The idea was almost to give back to people who are interested in the movie by giving them Facebook Credits, or get them to essentially steal [the money] from the main character [of the movie],” Silverman told us about the app. Because free Credits are part of the engagement and the app offers users different actions to earn them, Silverman characterized the amount of engagement he’s seen with the app as “tremendous.”

By the time the film is released, or at least by the time the campaign is over, Silverman expects that all 1 million Credits will be claimed. As of Monday morning 933,200 Credits remain, which is to say that about 66,800 have been claimed by the Page’s 53,800 users.

Silverman said that the application was meant to tie into the movie and enhance elements of the film, which is why people telling their stories and sharing those stories was the main action involved.

Impact: The Page is currently at 53,800 Likes and PageData notes that a spike in the number of Likes occurred last week, a few days after the Heist It Back app launched. Although the film is still several weeks away, that less than 10% of the Credits have been claimed is surprising; the highest number of Credits earned by users at this point is under 300. There are only a few ways users can earn Credits and these don’t all necessarily publish to the stream, so it will be interesting to see whether all of the Credits are claimed. All in all, this was an interesting way to tie-in users to the central theme of the movie while also attaching high value to the application associated with it.

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