Featured Facebook Campaigns: “Homeland,” Capital One, Zynga, Lufthansa, “Dexter” and Tiger Balm

Branded games, Facebook Connect and sweepstakes are big on the campaigns that started this past week. Several TV shows are creating buzz for their premieres by promoting social games based on plot lines. Capital One’s placement in three Zynga games seems to have given the Page a huge boost while Lufthansa’s promotion of Oktoberfest is fun but hasn’t really produced a lot of Page growth. Finally, Tiger Balm is giving away a trip to Hawaii and trying to figure out who its competitors are via a sweepstakes entry.

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“Homeland’s” WatchCareful.ly

Goal: Engagement, Brand Loyalty, Viewers

Core Mechanic: A branded website that utilizes Facebook Connect to allow users to play a few games tightly related to the upcoming show “Homeland.”

Game: The games are actually really interesting because of how they mimic the types of games played on the Facebook platform everyday, but in a “Homeland”-specific iteration. For example, there’s a video to watch, words to descramble (a secret message), photo alteration ID (intelligence) and listening to talking then answer questions about the conversations (quizzes).

Method: The show is about a CIA agent suspicious about the loyalties of a Marine recently rescued and returned from Afghanistan, and the games on the website are tightly woven into this narrative. The games are fun and interesting, not too long or boring, but the Facebook authorization feature doesn’t really publish content to the stream — it seems like the show is missing out on some social distribution here. Once they complete the four levels, users can unlock content such as the unedited pilot of the show and show-related documents that give background on the characters.

Impact: Perhaps for the sharing problem, the Page currently stands at about 15,000 Likes before next week’s premiere. The WatchCareful.ly website is promoted both as a tab on the Page, and in status updates on the Page. PageData shows that the Page grew significantly starting last week.

Capital One, Zynga’s Three-Game Promotion

Goal: Network Exposure, Engagement, Brand Loyalty, Page Growth

Core Mechanic: Capital One and Zynga are engaging in a three-game promotion across CityVille, FarmVille and The Pioneer Trail.

Game: In CityVille, players may place branded Capital One banks in their cities, resulting in a decorative item, energy, experience points and other payouts. In the other two games, players may interact with characters from Capital One’s commercials. FarmVille’s integration allows users who visit or participate in Capital one’s farm receive a breedable, limited edition Capital One Goat with a high value, as well as the chance to get some “animal grow.” In The Pioneer Trail, players can earn branded quest rewards and permanent in-game items.

Method: In each game the integrations redirect users to Capital One’s Facebook Page. The CityVille integration is on for 30 days, while the other two will last for 10 days.

Impact: As mentioned, this integration redirects to Capital One’s Page, which began to see some significant growth last week right after the partnership launched. The Page is currently at 2.3 million Likes and a week ago it was at 1.5 million, according to PageData.

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