Feature-Phone Priced Nokia Windows Phones in 2012?

Feature phones are awfully smart for phones that are not smartphones. The Vodafone 555 Blue with its dedicated Facebook button is a good example. However, we are starting to see the feature phone category getting pushed into a corner by low priced smartphones. A pair of news items this week indicates that Nokia will be using a lower-end version of Microsoft’s Windows Phone for low-priced phones. All Things D’s Ina Fried reported that:

Exclusive: Nokia to Exit Symbian, Low-End Phone Businesses in North Americ

Meanwhile, ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley reported that:

Windows Phone ‘Tango’ to be Microsoft’s lower price-point operating system?

One source told Foley that Tango was being designed with Nokia in mind and for lower price point devices. A feature phone priced smartphone running a lower-end (and presumably lower resource requiring) Windows Phone version would fill the feature phone void Nokia will have in the U.S. after they withdraw from that segment of the market.